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Status: Open!

Hi there! Welcome to my commissions carrd, and thank you for visiting!
Here you will find information about my comms (including pricing, terms of service, and more). If, after looking through the various resources, you still have questions- feel free to contact me regardless of status via methods below.

Terms of Service

Please give this a read! In ordering a commission from me, you agree to all terms and conditions listed below. Make sure you understand what is written. There's also a general list of what I will and won't draw.

✓Will draw✕✕Won't draw/✕not confident in
Humans/species similar to✕✕ NSFW/Lewd
Fanart/OCs Detailed backgrounds
Detailed clothing/armor (with proper reference) Animal characters
Character interaction Anthros/monsters/creatures that don't appear mainly human


  • Transactions will be done through PayPal (I, the artist, will be paying the additional fee from PayPal. If you wish to do so instead, you can add accordingly, but it is not required.)

  • Should you be given the option to do so, do not put your address in. You will receive your ordered product digitally via email/discord.

  • Work will not continue past the sketch until half of the price is paid (on orders over $25) as a deposit. I will not provide the finished product until after the rest of the payment is made.

  • Orders under $25 must be paid in full after the final sketch is approved.

  • Prices are written as a base- you may be charged more depending on high detailed pieces or additional characters. This will be discussed with you.

  • Prices are in USD, it is the customer's responsibility to convert should there be a need to do so.


If I, the artist, need to cancel an order, a full refund will be issued to the client.
Refunds may be requested by the client at any time before the product is finished. The amount refunded will depend on how much work has been completed. This amount is of my, the artist's, discretion.


As the artist...

  • I may post the works anywhere (social media, etc.), crediting the character's owner.

  • I may use the works to promote myself (advertisements for my comms, examples for those who may want to hire me...)

As the client...

  • You may post the commissioned works anywhere, crediting me (the artist). You may not take credit for the artwork.

  • You may use the art personally, not commercially (you cannot mass-produce and distribute the commissioned work whether you charge others or not).

  • You may not make artistic edits to the work (or have someone else do this for you), but you may crop and/or resize the piece for pfps, icons, and other.

  • You may not request a refund after a commissioned piece has been completed. After final changes are made, you may not ask for updates/changes.

The process...


  • After discussing what the client wants and the client is given an initial price (may change before the sketch phase is finished), I'll begin working on the commission's sketch.

  • The client will be sent a marked version of the sketch. This is where most of the changes should be made- if you see some details you want/want fixed, would like a different pose, etc. let me know.

  • You may not use this sketch for other purposes. This is just to make sure we're on the same page and that you approve of the product.

  • After a final sketch is approved, payment/half of the payment should be sent (possible changes in price due to added detail being discussed beforehand).

  • Once half the payment comes in (for orders over $25. Full payment must be recieved should the order be under $25), I'll begin finishing the artwork based on the agreed sketch.


  • Upon completion, the client will be sent a watermarked version of the finished product.

  • If I have chosen incorrect colors or misinterpreted the details within the sketch/missed some things, I will accept requests for small changes.

  • After such changes are made and confirmed, the client will be asked to send the rest of the payment if not provided already.

  • No refunds will be given beyond this point.

  • The client will be sent the finished, unwatermarked product via provided email/discord. The client may request small changes to details previously obstructed by the watermark.

  • After this, the commission is complete.


As stated in my ToS, payment will be conducted through PayPal and base prices (all detailed in USD) may be changed depending on level of detail and/or reference(s) given. Half must be paid before I continue past the sketch stage (orders under $25 must be paid in full), and the commission must be paid completely before receiving the final product via email.
Additional PayPal fees will be paid by myself, the artist, though tips are always open. If you receive an option to provide an address, do not do so.
To order a commission, please fill out the following form. You may send it through any of my methods of contact, but an email must be provided:

What you're ordering: (headshot, half-body, full-body)
Level of completion: (sketch, line-art, color)
References: (preferably images)

Character credit to caoine on Toyhouse!



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